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A greyscale picture of a computer screen ornamented with wires and doll limbs like an ornate picture frame. On the screen is a drawing of the face of Dionysos Slain, smiling

Extra extra!

☙ The Reviews ☙

"it's serving wasted Shakespeare" ~ my friend Josh

"Bloodshed, murder, cannibalism and the eating of raw flesh are the principal themes in Detienne's treatment of Dionysus... He treats myth as if it were a historical record, and he takes virtually no account of the attested practice of Dionysiac religion" ~ Henrichs, A. 1984. 'Loss of Self, Suffering, Violence: The Modern View of Dionysus from Nietzsche to Girard.' HSPh 88. 210.

"I LOVE YOU EVIL MAN" ~ some guy I would marry for tax benefits in a heartbeat

☙ Why Is He Called That ☙

the above mentioned marcel 'bloodshed, murder, cannibalism and the eating of raw flesh' detienne

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